Evaporative Coolers in Melbourne

When my husband and I decided to build our own home instead of buying one, there were a lot of things we worried about. How many bedrooms, how big a living room, how big could we make our backyard with the space we had, could we fit and afford a pool. Then, there were little things that stressed us out, things we disagreed on. Like what wood to use for the floorboards, which kitchen countertop, which tiles in the bathroom, the list goes on.

And while we disagreed on so many big and little things, the one thing we were both always agreed upon was that we needed an evaporative cooler. This might not sound like a major concern to many people, but for us, it was probably one of the most important aspects to our home. You see, neither my husband nor I deal very well with the heat. And since we live in Melbourne, summers can get more than a little warm. Which means we either need to build a walk-in fridge for us to spend our time in, or we could hire someone who installs refrigerated cooling Melbourne.

You could very well be thinking “really? This is what concerns them? What about the entire rest of the house?!”

And you might very well be right. To you, this might not be the biggest factor you need in a house, but for us, it was necessary. When it gets too hot, I get migraines, and sometimes pass out. And when my husband is in too hot weather often he breaks out in a horrible rash and is prone to terrible dizzy spells. So for health reasons we needed a local Melbourne evaporative cooling installation specialist.

I’ve heard of couples who tried to build a new home for themselves, and the whole process nearly drove them apart. The stress, the arguments and all the expenses was just too much. And granted, I was almost terrified of the same thing happening to me, but strangely, even when we disagreed on every detail of our home, from the bannister to the ceiling rose to the wall colour, we were always united on the issue of cooling and heating our home. Even when the best price evaporative cooling in Melbourne was incredibly expensive.

It was as if being badly affected by the heat brought us closer together in this whole process, and being a united front against contractors and installers meant that when we did disagree, it didn’t matter as much. If a couple can get through all the stress and hardship of building a home together, then surely they are meant to be.